Do not just take a picture, make a good photo

How to make a good photo if you do not have a professional photographer
November 22, 2017

Do not just take a picture, make a good photo.

It was a good picture, but not much of it was true to the real beauty of the scene. Then he spotted a deserted building on the docks. The contrast with a beautiful view might be good. The ugly building turned out to be a pretty good photo

1. Select a tree, do not take pictures of the entire forest.

It is in human nature that when he sees a beautiful scene, he wants to record everything and save it in the photo. These are the situations when it’s hardest to decide what a really good photo would be. As a photographer you have to decide what to focus. You need to know how to choose a tree in the forest. In these two examples, you can see the difference in the example of the image of the forest and details that it has stuck for the author.

2. Come closer and choose an angle. Especially when photographing people.

Photography needs focus. If we get closer and change the angle we could talk a story. The close subject will be highlighted and become the base of the photo that the background complements. People sometimes need to be photographed even from a proximity that seems embarrassing.

3. Make photo editing fun.

It’s no secret that you can greatly improve the small tricks of photography. However, exaggeration can lead you to a phase when it does not seem any more interesting. It takes a lot of time and can be very expensive. Photoshop and other expensive tools are no longer the only ones that can make it easier for you to edit your photos. Try some of the simpler tools that suit your device and have fun.

4. Look for an inscription

The moment you shoot a photo, hundreds of people made it much nicer than yours. This is wonderful and should be an incentive to be as good as possible. The author advises to look for several photographers whose likes you like and follow him. Good photos will make you better observe the world around yourself and record as much photos as possible with the story, transmitted by the moment you lived.

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