How to make a good photo if you do not have a professional photographer

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July 15, 2017
Do not just take a picture, make a good photo
December 15, 2017

We know that the picture tells more than a thousand words, so the shape, size, color and texture of your article must be clearly reflected in the photo. Although it is said that making a photo is a process that never ends, because no picture is perfect, there are several important things to consider when making a photo, because it is the one who sells your stuff. If you follow a few simple steps, you can get a very nice and precise photo, even at home and with an amateur photo camera.

– Place the appliance on a solid surface. It’s always better to shoot from a stable substrate than to hold the camera in your hand. For this purpose, you can use a tripod or several books that are ordered to one another.

– Turn off the flash on the camera. Always try to take pictures in the daylight. The images are much more attractive if you do not use the flash. On photographs where the flash is used, things lose their natural beauty, and this is not good, because our goal is to show them as realistically and in the best light.

– Use the macro function. Each digital camera has this option. When you take pictures of small items such as jewelry or parts of clothing (buttons, applications, textures), turn on the macro function, point the camera lens toward the subject and hold it calmly until it sharpens. Otherwise, the image will be blurry.

– Take a picture many times. Take the same thing many times. If you have not yet developed your shooting style, try painting the same thing several times from different angles. The more photos you have, the more chances are that at least one of them will be great. You can place up to five photos of the one thing you want to sell, which is quite enough to display the item from different angles, as well as details.

– Show how things you sell look. If you are selling clothes, dress it and show potential customers how it looks on the body, in combination with other clothes. Combine different pieces, materials, colors – stand out, be different from other sellers, show your style. The same goes for, because it is much easier for others to decide to buy something if they can see how this thing looks when it is worn.

– Use the ‘white balance’ option for white items. Perhaps you have noticed how things sometimes look blue or yellow when they should be white? This is because of a poor white balance. It depends on how your device detects light and how it is transferred to photos. It’s worthwhile to put a little effort into adjusting the settings for the white balance, as you will eventually get great photos.

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